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The Only Good insect Is a Dead One

Each day, thousands of blood-thirsty insects & mosquito attack your home and ruin your enjoyment of the outdoors. At Doctor Sprinkler, we help eliminate the nuisance of a long list of insects & mosquitos and protect your home from the diseases they transmit. Since 1990, we’ve helped thousands of families rid their yards of a multitude of creepy crawlies using the Barrier Protection Program. Applied by our professional applicators around your home and throughout your yard, this acclaimed, trusted outdoor insect & mosquito control solution eliminates on-contact and continues working for up to 4 weeks.


Every Insect & Mosquito Problem Is Unique

Once applied, our insect& mosquito yard treatment provides even greater protection as insects & mosquitos attempt to feed off your greenery, as the residue from the treatment will knock them down too.


Start Enjoying Your Yard Again

For optimum protection, season-long insect & mosquito control is highly recommended every 4 weeks. Doctor Sprinkler will remind you in advance of upcoming service and leave you a notice that we’ve visited. Service is automatic, and you don’t need to be home during the application! We spray smartly to avoid causing harm to pollinators and plants and take pride in following environmentally responsible practices.

After Doctor Sprinkler services your yard, your children and pets only need to wait for 30 minutes before returning to the yard. Our insect& mosquito control blend is developed to meet all local and federal regulations and will provide up to 4 weeks of protection.


What Works Best for Insect & Mosquito Control?

Many off-the-shelf solutions for insect & mosquito control are offered at local stores and online. These products include sprays, candles, electronic “zappers”, repellents, and other products; these all might work temporarily, but they are far from long-term solutions for insect & mosquito problems Doctor Sprinkler thinks there are two highly-effective ways of controlling insects & mosquitoes: yard maintenance and our Barrier Protection Treatment.


How to reduce mosquitoes with yard maintenance:

  • Get rid of any standing water in your yard.
  • Trim your grass and plants.
  • Remove objects that collect water, such tarps and buckets.
  • Purchase foliage that repels (or doesn’t attract) mosquitoes.
  • Get scheduled Insect control treatments.

Doctor Sprinkler Barrier Protection Program isn’t just immediately effective—it has lasting power. When our team goes to a home, we create a custom plan-of-attack for maximum insect & mosquito eradication. We’ll focus on areas insects breed, feed, and hide during the day. As a result, our treatment eliminates up to 90 percent of insect from your yard and continues working for up to 4 weeks!


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