Commercial Sprinkler Service

30 Plus years in the business has given us a PHD in sprinkler system service and repair

Commercial properties have unique irrigation needs that require experience and expertise to meet properly. Doctor Sprinkler staff has over 35 years in the irrigation business. Former client includes: Methodist hospital, Methodist Physicians Clinics, Cox Communication, PJ Morgan property management, multiple use complexes, condominium associations, and many more commercial properties.

Doctor Sprinkler provides several distinct irrigation services for commercial customers:

  • Spring start-ups: There’s a little more to getting your sprinkler system going in the spring than just turning it on. That is, if you want it to work its best. Starting up your sprinkler after the winter requires expert service to prevent damage. It’s also an opportunity to perform an overall system inspection which will confirm proper operation, replace worn-out components and tweak your control settings as necessary.
  • Mid-season checkups: For large commercial sprinklers, we recommend at least one mid-season checkup between your spring start-up and winterization service. This allows us to check the system for dry areas, broken heads, leaks, and proper coverage in the heat of the summer. One broken head is just money down the drain.
  • Winterization: Get your sprinkler ready for the cold with our commercial winterization services. Winterization of commercial sprinkler systems is vital to the life of your sprinkler system. Freezing water expanding in your pipes causes weakening of your underground pipes and more serious shattering of your PVC, valves, and piping. This could cost you hundreds of $$$ in un-necessary repairs. Our commercial sprinkler winterization services will make sure your system is protected throughout the winter and ready to start right up again come spring.
  • Repairs: Need emergency repairs to any sprinkler system? One call to Doctor Sprinkler is all it takes to have a qualified technician dispatched to your location. You have more important things to do than worry about how your lawn looks and if your system is working properly.
  • Service plans: Save time and money with an all-inclusive sprinkler maintenance plan. We offer three levels of service and can customize our service plans to meet the needs of your system. Commercial sprinkler maintenance is a great way to pass off the time and hassle of your sprinkler system, but also make sure you’re getting the best coverage possible. Our 40 plus years of experience in the irrigation business gives us a unique advantage because we have designed, serviced, and repaired every type of sprinkler system in the Omaha area.


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