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30 Plus years in the business has given us a PHD in sprinkler system service and repair

Most installed sprinkler systems in the Omaha area should run with a minimal amount of service outside of seasonal maintenance. However, a lot of sprinkler systems in the Omaha area have been in the ground more than 25 years. Parts, particularly on older systems, are beginning to wear out or already need to be replaced. Where other companies just turn on the water, set the clock, and just make sure all zones are coming on, Doctor Sprinkler takes the time to check out your system completely. We look for broken heads, leaking heads, clogged heads or nozzles, spacing issues, heads shooting into trees and bushes, low pressure which may mean a leak, or multiple heads working and one head not working could mean a tree root issue. Because of our 30 plus years in the business, we have checked and diagnosed every type of sprinkler system in the Omaha area. Because we have installed new system, we have an understanding how sprinkler system hydraulics work and are able to spot issue before they become big problems. It is important to address these issues when they arise, as problem components can cause excess water waste and can lead to more serious problems down the road. Doctor Sprinkler offers sprinkler repair in Omaha and surrounding cities. Even if we didn’t install your system initially, we can provide service for any repair or performance issue. We have undergone extensive training on all popular sprinkler brands and models including Rainbird, Toro, Hunter, Weathermatic, EZ Rain, and many more.

What to Look For

With the technology in today’s sprinkler systems, the sprinkler system operation is something that you can “set and forget.” Today’s programmable controllers have made irrigation automatic, there’s little for the homeowner to do on a day-to-day basis. As the systems are aging, they need more care than in past years, so the downside is it can be difficult to notice when something isn’t working properly. Some things that you can watch out for are listed below. There are common warning signs that you may need sprinkler repair service from Doctor Sprinkler:

  • Your water bill has suddenly increased. This maybe a sign you have a sprinkler valve not closing and running all the time. You may not visibly see where the water is running.
  • You begin to notice wet spots or marshy areas with very smelly order. This is a sign your valve has an obstruction causing the valve not to close. This is a common problem with screws, washers, solder, and other debris getting stuck on the diaphragm of the valve. This causes the diaphragm not to close completely allowing a little water out each second but dripping 24/7 until it fills up the entire zone piping with water. The water then runs to the lowest head and then leaks onto to the lawn causing the marshy area around the head.
  • You see sprinkler heads not retracting down in the ground after running a cycle. This is a common problem in older system as the internal springs are getting weak and the seals within the heads are getting hard, causing the heads to stay up just waiting for a lawn mower to chop off the head and cause water to shoot up in the air.
  • You see areas of our lawn that appear brown compared to the rest of the lawn. You can check the areas with a screwdriver. If the screwdriver goes in hard, you may have an adjustment issue or a head not rotating. This also could be caused by a head being blocked by a plant, bush. tree limb, or not popping up out of the ground.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary, you can take steps before calling in a sprinkler company. Run each zone of your system, walk around, and take notes of anything that looks like it is not working. This maybe inconsistency in the spray pattern or the amount of water coming from the sprinkler heads. Try and look for any leaks and again take notes so when our technician arrives, you can show them things you think do not look right. This will save the technician time not hunting for issue and thus save you some valuable money. Some issues can be resolved with a few adjustments or new parts. Others maybe a bigger problem. We will do a thorough inspection of your system and provide you with an estimate to address any issues. Call Doctor Sprinkler if you suspect you have a problem. We will send a technician to your house to meet with you, who will then assess the issue and give you an honest, accurate estimate for the necessary repairs. Or you can just schedule an appointment while you are at work, and we will diagnosed any problems and relay the problem and estimate to you before we begin repairs. Not all problems are easy to find, except by the trained eye with years of experience.

Doctor Sprinkler keeps a good inventory of parts needed to service ALL brands old and new. If we see a need for a different head or nozzle to increase the efficiency of your system, we will point out the issue and give you the solution we think will work the best for your lawn. We offer the latest in accessories to keep your system up to date a running smoothly.

We offer service calls if your sprinkler system is not working properly or you suspect something maybe wrong. This maybe a broken head, a leak or any other issues. If you need to relocate a sprinkler heads due to improvements in your yard, we can help you with that.  Call or email us today and we will schedule a time convenient to you if possible. In some cases, you may not need to be at home.


(April & May)
Water is turned on; controller is reset if needed and all sprinkler heads are inspected for proper adjustment for complete lawn and landscaping coverage.


Performed during the heat of the summer. Watering times are adjusted for long, hot, dry summer weather to account for the increased evaporation of water and the increased need for additional water to the grass. We run through your system a second time and take note of areas not getting water or look brown due to lack off water. Summer is the best time to find problems, especially if there has not been any measurable rain. We also recheck all sprinkler heads are adjusted for proper coverage and in good working order.


(Sprinkler System Blow-out) (October)
We offer a choice of winterization, complete or outside only. With the complete, we turn the water off inside your home. We then drain the backflow preventor, and then hook up a commercial grade air compressor. We blow out or force all the water out of all sprinkler lines, heads, and valve boxes to insure nothing freezes and causes damage during the winter months. We then go back into your home and drain the water using the inside drain to remove any left-over water. We also offer an outside only in which you turn off the water and drain the inside and we just due the outside work with our compressor.

Call us to find out why winterization is so important to keep your sprinkler system running efficiently year after year.

We also offer New Homeowner Instruction

If you’ve just purchased a new home or a new home to you, and you are not sure how to operate your system, we would be happy to come over a run thru the system with you, explain how your controller works, and check your sprinkler system for leaks or broken parts. We will gladly make recommendations for possible future service and repairs and offer suggestions on how to improve the water-efficiency of your sprinkler system.


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