How to semi-drain your sprinkler system to avoid freeze damage

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How to semi-drain your sprinkler system before we blow-out your system to protect the exposed copper pipe & backflow preventor.

1) Turn off the water to the sprinkler system in the basement.

2) Place a bucket under the manual drain. Do not open drain at this time.

3) Your manual drain maybe outside and you do not need a bucket

4) Turn the ball valves (marked 2 & 3) ¼ turn to put at a 45 degree angle. This only turns one direction.

5) Open check valves (marked 1) 45 degrees which will break the air lock inside the back flow which will allow the water to drain inside and out so the backflow preventer and copper pipe do not freeze.

6) Proceed back to the basement, open manual drain and drain any water. Close drain after 10 minutes.         

7) Turn your sprinkler system clock to the off position.

8) Sprinkler system semi-drain is complete


Sprinkler pipes underground do not freeze until the ground freezes in late November. So, any hard freeze in October will not damage any underground piping.


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