What to Watch for in Your
Underground Sprinkler System

30 Plus years in the business has given us a PHD in sprinkler system service and repair

Irrigation controllers built for today’s sprinkler systems have lots of features and options and have made watering your lawn very automatic. Beyond having your system checked by a professional, there is not much for the homeowner to worry about on a weekly or monthly basis. The downside of this: set and leave alone, is it can be almost impossible to notice when your system isn’t performing at peak efficiency. Here are some common things to look for, i.e. warning signs that your sprinkler system may need some attention from a professional irrigation company like Doctor Sprinkler:

  • You see an increase in your water bill but do not notice you have used more water.
  • You begin to notice marshy areas on your lawn or overly saturated areas in your lawn.
  • You have water hitting windows, patios, driveways, and in the street which you never noticed before.
  • Your lawn seems to be drying out in areas or some areas are very green while other areas are turning brown or yellow.
  • You see a head with water shooting up in the air like a fountain or water pooling around heads or around the edges of your lawn.

If you notice any of these common problems, you can turn on your system yourself. Run through each zone, one zone at a time and take notice of any inconsistency in the sprinkler heads spray pattern or the amount of water coming from each sprinkler head. If you can, try and locate any obvious leaks. Mark these with a flag for future reference, and when our technician arrives, you can show them some of the issue you have detected. Our technician will completely check your system and assess the issues and then give you an estimate based on our experience for the necessary repairs before any work is completed.


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