How to Turn On Your Sprinkler System

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Spring Start-ups are completed in April and May each year. During the start-up service, water is turned on to the sprinkler system, the controller is reset if needed and sprinkler heads are adjusted to assure proper coverage. If we find any heads or sprinkler parts that need to be repaired or replaced, we’ll check with the homeowner before doing any additional repairs and get approval prior to making any repairs.

Tools needed: Flat Screwdriver

Pipe with shut up valveSTEP 1 – Go to backflow device outside. Turn screws (A) so they are perpendicular to the fitting (up and down).

STEP 2 – Turn both blue (or green) handles (B &C) so they are perpendicular to the pipe. This means the handle (B) on the left will be up and down, and the other handle (C) will be straight across the pipe. This closes the backflow and allows you to turn the water on in the basement without worrying if the backflow is leaking or something is broken.

STEP 3 – (not pictured) Go downstairs/outside to where you turn on the water. Close the drain and turn the water on.

STEP 4 – Go back outside to the backflow device and turn the handle (C) parallel to the pipe (up and down).  Slowly open until water comes out of bell at the top then quickly open to pressurize valve. You might hear a popping sound. You may also get some water rushing out of the top until the check valve seals. This is normal.

STEP 5 – Turn the other handle (the one on the left)(B) slowly so it is parallel with the pipe (straight across). Slowly is the key as quickly opening any valve too quickly can cause water hammer which may burst the pipes from to much quick pressure.

STEP 6 – Turn on the clock and run the system.

The picture below shows the placement of the screws and handles on a Febco 765 Regulator:

Other Backflow Regulator Models:

  • FEBCO 825Y RP
  • FEBCO 860 RP
  • WATTS® 800
  • WATTS® 009 M4QT
  • WATTS® 919

Once you have turned the water on, it’s important to run a test cycle and make sure the sprinkler heads are adjusted for coverage so you’re not watering the sidewalk or hitting the side of your house. You’ll also want to make sure all of the heads are working correctly. Otherwise, you may not realize you have a problem until brown spots appear. Need help with the adjustments or repairs? Call us for a Start-up service or for repairs.


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