Spring Startup

30 Plus years in the business has given us a PHD in sprinkler system service and repair

A sprinkler start-up can involve several steps depending on the type of system you have installed. We check the following sprinkler system components:

  • Irrigation controllers:The sprinkler system controller is the brains of your sprinkler system. It tells your sprinkler system when to come on and turn of.  We will clean the controller of dust and debris that have accumulated over the winter. Most controllers have a battery backup and we will replace the battery if needed, then we will set your controller for spring watering. With our 35 years’ experience, we have done tons of research on how to, when to, and how much to water your lawn for optimum efficiency. We help you save water by only watering when needed. We also check your controller for damaged wiring, rusted contact points, and the general overall condition of your controller. We also make sure all the zones are turning on and off properly with your controller.  If we replace the battery or have additional repairs, there may be an additional fee for batteries and repairs.

  • Sprinkler heads and nozzles: We walk to every sprinkler head in your lawn. We first look for damage heads, water leaking from seals, and how far the heads are throwing water. We then check the adjustment of all your heads to ensure that all the areas of your lawn are getting covered as most lawns and landscaping have changed over the years. Sprinkler heads get clogged with all sorts of material which comes from the water supply to your home. Sprinkler heads over the course of the season and over the winter built-up dirt and debris. This can change how your sprinklers heads distributes water, which can affect the efficiency of your system. A sprinkler head not reaching maximum distance maybe a sign of a clogged nozzle or a root restriction. Older sprinkler heads, with worn out parts, are a sign of imminent failure and replacing those parts with new at spring start-up is an ideal time so you get a full season of maximum efficiency watering.
  • Underground valves and wiring: We also open up you’re in-ground valve box and look for signs of leaking water, damage wiring, cracked valves or piping, and insure you have waterproof wire nuts. Waterproof wire nuts help avoid costly repairs later and insure you have good connections for maximum performance.
  • System overview: We are always striving to be the best at what we do. Going above and beyond is in our DNA. Along with your spring turn and check, we analyze your system for proper head spacing, proper coverage, correct use of sprinkler heads and nozzles, landscape coverage, and the overall efficiency of your lawn sprinkler system.

Every year is different when it comes to turning on your sprinkler system.

The rule of thumb for almost 30 years in business has been to turn on your system the second week of April. The temperature usually don’t get below freezing after that date. Well the last 5 years this theory did not work. The last 5 years, the spring temperatures has been all over the board and the second week in April and beyond have been in danger of freezing temperatures. Because we get asked this question all the time, here are some helpful hints to consider before turning on your system yourself or having us turn it on for you. We just do not like freeze damage and costly repairs if they can be avoided.

  • Choose April 1st – April 15th if you know how to semi-drain your backflow device and system to prevent freeze damage, you can use these dates.
  • Choose April 16th – April 30th During this time frame, you may again have to semi-drain your backflow device and system to prevent freeze damage and / or are willing to wrap your backflow device with towels and / or blankets when night-time freezing temps are forecasted.
  • Choose May 1st – May 15th This seems to be the best time to turn on your system. You can be fairly confident that freezing temps are probably gone for the season.



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